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Hotel Jesolo Croce di Malta

Murano - Burano - Venice


At 9.00 am Transfer from hotel to port -


Depart: Punta Sabbioni at 9:56 am Arrive: at 10:26 am Burano

Free visit to Burano


Burano is an island located in the Venice Lagoon, nine miles north of the city. Burano is in turn composed of four islands connected by a long bridge to the island of Mazzorbo and has about 3500 inhabitants. The main activities are fishing, shipbuilding (rowing boats and motor) and the manufacture of lace.

Tradition has it that this island has a colorful look for a singular reason: during the winter season Burano is often shrouded in mist and when the fishermen return to their homes are more likely to recognize because of their different colors. For this reason the inhabitants of Burano paint the exteriors of the houses of pea green, purple, blue, yellow and so on. The unique environment of Burano in the early twentieth century attracted many painters. He was born and prospered so, between 1911 and 1946, the so-called "School of Burano.


At 11:26 am Check out Burano to Murano at 11:59 am

Free visit of Murano


Murano is an island located one kilometer north of Venice. Murano is formed in turn by five islands and has about 7000 inhabitants. The main activity is the manufacture of Murano art glass (Murano is also called the island of glass. The glass industry was brought to Murano in 1291.

Just before arriving in Murano you can see on the right San Michele in Isola, which is the cemetery of Venice from 1806.

When they got to Murano one immediately realizes that this island lives around the production of artistic glass. A large number of shops and factories with kilns scattered a bit 'everywhere. Some of them offer demonstrations on how to produce small animals. I know of any attendant who slyly (on its own initiative) asks for 2 € per person to attend such demonstrations: stay away or do not pay anything, because these little "show" in Murano are free.


Check out at 12:59 pm from Murano to Venice, arrival in Venice at 13:08 pm



Departure from Venice at 05.42 pm to Punta Sabbioni

Arrical at 06:12 pm in Punta Sabbioni, meeting with a driver to return to the hotel

Arrival at the hotel at 07.00 pm - end of service


Price per person: € 50.00 (min 2pax) € 46,00 (3-5pax) € 36,00 (5-8pax)



private car with driver for the transfer of A / R

public ferry ticket valid 12 hours




meals, drinks, miscellaneous income (such as the Basilica of Torcello), local guide in St. Mark's Square, tips and anything not included in the program.



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