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Safety on holiday

Hotel Jesolo Croce di Malta

in collaboration with ERV


Travel insurance is an absolute must these days especially if you are planning an international vacation. We have various ERV travel insurance plans that you can choose from. These plans are specially designed to give the traveller all the benefits and protection that he or she might need on their holiday. Some of the benefits are listed below.


Insurance on cancellation

ERV travel insurance plans that we recommend hold good in the event that your trip is cancelled or delayed for serious reasons. When you sign up for an insurance plan such as this with us, there is a contractual cancellation amount that is put into place. This contractual amount becomes payable by us if your trip is cancelled due to any of the reasons cited in the contact. Any example of this could be serious injury or illness. In addition to this there is even an amount that is payable is your trip is interrupted or extended for any of the insured reasons.


Baggage and legal insurance

Our ERV travel insurance online packages also cover baggage and legal requirements. Baggage loss is quite a common phenomenon with international travel and hence it is important that you insure it. Our insurance policies cover loss or damage of baggage. In addition to this we also cover legal issues while you travel abroad. If there is an instance where you need to legal protection, the plan covers this cost too.


Buying a policy

Buying ERV travel insurance online with us is quite easy. All the available options are listed out so that you can make your choice according to what you may or may not require. In case you have questions that you need answers for and you cannot find them on our website, our customer service team is available for you to talk to. We always advise our customers to ensure that they have read all the policy documents and understood the terms and conditions of the coverage before they actually but it.

ERV Insurance

Events in Jesolo

Real Bodies - Discover the human body
realbodiesAlessandro Cecchi Paone explains the great world premiere REAL BODIES

Weekly market
mercatoEvery Friday

Sea Life
sea-life-centreOpen from Friday to Sunday

Feast of St. Joseph
LOCANDINA_Ca_ForneraThe Committee of Ca ‘Fornera sponsored by the City of Jesolo organizes the Feast of St. Joseph March 7 to 30 in 2014. The opening of the festival is scheduled for Friday, March 7 to 19. During each weekend scheduled for ballroom dancing with various orchestras.