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Safety on holiday

Hotel Jesolo Croce di Malta

Easter Lunch 2012

There is a large, air-conditioned restaurant where our chef and his staff are waiting to welcome you.

At lunch and dinner there is an amazing salad and vegetable buffet, with appetisers to delight your palate each evening.

You’ll love our famous cuisine, which is the jewel in the hotel’s crown and there’s plenty to discover, with local, regional and national specialities. Menus for special dietary requirements and vegetarians are available on request.

There is a splendid Gala Dinnereach week, after which the evening continues on the terrace with the voice of Serena and the music of her band.

Events in Jesolo

Weekly market
mercatoEvery Friday

Sea Life
sea-life-centreOpen from Friday to Sunday

Route 66 - American Cars Gathering
route66Parade in Via Bafile and exhibition at the Laguna Shopping mall (Piazza Venezia)

Uguali nel Vento regatta
regataJesolo City Trophy

Car parade and period clothing
sfilataepocaFrom Cortellazzo to the Laguna Shopping mall (Piazza Venezia)

Jesolo Air Extreme
freccetricArenile piazza Brescia

Full Moon Dj Festival
djfestivalLighthouse Beach