If you want to visit Jesolo's surrounding area, Hotel Croce di Malta recommends a number of places that are easy to reach, with good transport links.

From Punta Sabbioni, you can catch the no. 14 ACTV boat to St. Mark's Square in Venice, which stops at Lido di Venezia on the way (Venice's beach and the city's summertime Casino). From St. Mark's Square, there are the 'vaporetti' water buses going in all directions (Grand Canal, St. Giorgio and Giudecca, Piazzale Roma bus station, S. Lucia train station, the island of Murano, etc.).

From Punta Sabbioni and Treporti, you can also catch the no. 12 ACTV boat headed for the islands: Burano - famous for its lace and extravagantly coloured fishermen's houses, Torcello - the first island inhabited by Venetians with two ancient, Byzantine style churches, Murano - well-known across the world for its precious works in glass and Fondamente Nuove di Venezia (the area close to the Church of SS. Giovanni e Paolo).

There are also transport links to Concordia, Portogruaro, Sesto al Reghena, with its many Roman cathedrals and abbeys, and even to the villas in and around Treviso and the famous Sanctuary in Motta di Livenza.

A chance to visit Venice and the gorgeous Venetian lagoon, and much more. So many wonderful places, spectacular sights and extraordinary experiences await you...